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In our fast paced lifestyle hair loss has emerged as a common problem among people, irrespective of the gender and the age. Ancient knowledge of Ayurveda considers the ‘pitta dosha’ or simply biliousness as the major reason behind the hair loss. It also mentions that the stability of one’s mind and body is a contributing factor in the hair loss.

While Allopathy offers an array of effective and proven solutions for hair loss, the underlying detrimental consequences that are lined up with it often make people steer clear of it. This is where ayurvedic treatments win the race.

So, when Ayurveda introduced a range of treatments and methods to treat hair loss, a number of people flocked towards it. Below are some of the treatments you may settle on, to slow down your ongoing hair-loss.

Dietary Tips To Recover Hair Volume

Regular intake of fresh juices prepared from spinach, carrot, and lettuce let your hairs relive. In addition to this, one can consider having aloe vera juice or aloe vera gel thrice a day for 2-3 months. This can definitely work wonders to improve the length as well as volume of your hair. Owing to high content of calcium and magnesium in sesame seeds, its consumption every morning can have a great effect on controlling hair fall.

Yoga And Meditation Helps Treat Hair Loss

Sarvangasana, an inverted asana, has the potential to overturn the gravity of hair loss. Inverted asanas stimulate the blood flow towards the head, which strengthens the hair and prevent it from falling. But, it is advisable to practice asanas under the supervision of a yoga teacher. In the meanwhile, you can consider practicing deep breathing to relieve the brain nerves, control .

Work To Relieve Pitta Dosha

Pitta Dosha being the major reason behind the hair fall, has always grabbed the attention of researchers. As an outcome, they came up with several remedies to treat pitta dosha, ashwagandha is one of them. As ashwagandha is rich in anti-oxidants, it can throw all the toxins out from the body and cleans your body if consumed daily. Do not forget to drink a plentiful amount of water.

Say “Yes” To Ayurvedic Herbs

Ayurvedic herbs like bhringaraaja, brahmi, amla, neem, reetha, and ashwagandha are being used since decades to treat premature graying and reverse balding. Bhringaraaja oil acts as a great rejuvenator and thus helps promote sound sleep, which further results in better hair growth. On the other hand, brahmi can be applied as a hair pack available in most of the stores to promote hair growth.

Go For Hot Oil Massage

Ayurvedic oils like that of almond, coconut, castor, olive, sesame seeds and amla are also effective in improving circulation and rejuvenating hair follicles. Massage with Ayurvedic oil twice a week results in unexpected improvement in the hair volume within the tenure of 5-6. Diet balancing, Meditation, Yoga and herbal concoctions are superior as well as natural ways of restoring density and overall quality of your hairs. So, go out and choose any of the ayurvedic treatments to become the proud owner of beautiful hairs.

Dr. Vibha Hegade | Ayurvedalya, Peenya 2nd Stage

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