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By Chetana Rao

My mother is a beauty. Clad in a simple dress and smile on her face, must be drawing a rangoli in our entrance though, it is night. My sister danced to the tunes of Indian Idol and my grandfather tried hard to vote for his favorite contestant. My father is making the beds and I am just trying hard to study.

Munching on the chakkuli, kodu bale, I am struggling to keep my eyes open. After all, it’s my boards and it’s a one-time show. But statistics, organic chemistry, kinematics everything at once is too much to digest.

Just like idli and vada are Romeo and Juliet for me… AyurCentral is Ayurveda for my amma. Be it ajja’s joint pain, appa’s diabetes, chikki’s crack foot, sister’s menstrual woes, or my brain development, AyurCentral is the destination for my dear amma.

And what’s in for my mom? Ask me what’s not. From her beauty cream to hair fall treatment to the eye drops and migraine she just drops by the AyurCentral store for anything and everything.

I was not much of a fan of Ayurveda (I thought it was boring and old-fashioned) but honestly, I must admit it worked !!! 

For every bit of promise AyurCentral made, they kept it every time.

Try it once guys to know how cool it is! You must be crossing their store every day. Go and check it out today!

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