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PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS as commonly referred is an age old problem. It is an endocrine disorder that causes irregular periods, obesity, diabetes, acne, hair loss, and hirsutism. Though prevalent but the cases of PCOS was infrequent however recently it is increasing at a dizzying rate. A study by PCOS Society revealed that one in every 10 women in India has PCOS.

Experts revealed that obesity is one of the main reasons for this upsurge of PCOS among young girls. Sedentary lifestyle, processed and unhealthy foods, strenuous academic curriculum and no exercise or physical activity among the young lot are to be blamed for this condition.

Though this is such a trivial issue among women of all ages yet there is very less awareness and knowledge about PCOS among doctors as well as patients.

WebMD covered a woman’s story named Holton, who reported of irregular periods with frequency of once or twice a year along with sudden weight gain. When she sought help from a gynaecologist, the doctor asked her to take birth control pills or go for hysterectomy. The doctor could not diagnose PCOS syndrome.

Holton took birth control pills for years though it masked some of the symptoms but it could not treat her condition. It was years later when she discovered her PCOS association and got proper treatment.

Many patients including young girls and adults facing infertility problems due to PCOS are opting for an Ayurvedic treatment. An Ayurvedic doctor deeply analyse the problem of each patient as Ayurveda believes each body is different and so a single formula won’t work for all. The doctor understands the patient’s problem, undertakes her health record, scrutinizes her lifestyle and dietary habits and takes several other aspects into consideration before prescribing a tailor-made method for treating the disease.

The Ayurvedic science of treatment does not rely on medicines and artificial methods of treatment rather it tries to bring the body in perfect harmony with nature by nourishing and enriching each cell of the being. Ayurveda has an in-depth understanding of PCOS and all its associated symptoms. Ayurveda stresses on treating PCOS in a natural way by balancing the three doshas viz. vata, kapha and pitta. Ayurveda suggests the use of various marvellous herbs along with some easy dietary and lifestyle changes to correct the problem and eradicate the issues from its roots.

Among many methods of Ayurvedic treatment Panchakarma is a widely accepted route that completely cleanses the body, mind and emotions from toxins. It rejuvenates the body as it aids in combating obesity and help in restoring regular menstruation cycle and ovulation. Panchakarma provides strength to the reproductive organs like uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes , vagina, and maintains hormonal balance. The doctor suggests different types of panchkarmas depending on the specific health needs of the individuals.

The treatment is complemented with herbal medicines that help in balancing hormones. As Ayurveda professes relaxation to be the key in PCOS treatment the doctor also suggests yoga postures that helps open up the pelvic area and promote relaxation and strength to the entire reproductive organs. Yoga has several poses that aids in weight loss, relieves stress and improves blood circulation to the ovary, thus naturally curing PCOS.
With such incredible natural, cost effective and safe treatment; no doubt more and more people are tuning into the Ayurvedic system to find permanent solution to their woes.

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