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PSORAFRI OIL is a clinically proven medicine for psoriasis treatment that is potent of curing all types and severities of psoriasis. This herbal preparation has been evaluated clinically for its efficacy and is proved to be effective as well as safe for the treatment of psoriasis.


PSORAFRI OIL is a herbal formulation prepared by the extract of Wrightia tinctoria leaves, Neem leaves , Coconut milk and Shuddha Gandhaka (A mineral)


PSORAFRI oil is prescribed for treating all types of psoriasis. Can also be prescribed in other dermatological conditions like Xerosis and Atopic dermatitis

Benefits of PSORAFRI OIL

Use of PSORAFRI oil effectively removes psoriatic scales
It offers prolonged period of remission
It is also useful in decreasing inflammatory responses
It is beneficial in removing the unwanted spots from the skin making it clear naturally.

How it works?

PSORAFRI OIL has a soothing effect on the skin and it acts as moisturizer for the thick, itchy, dry, patchy and scaly skin. It is beneficial for reducing dryness, itching, redness and inflammation. This herbal oil attenuates all symptoms of psoriasis. Regular use of the oil gradually softens the skin by reducing the thickness. PSORAFRI oil is crafted with the following medicinal properties:


Research on Anti-psoriatic activity of Wrightia tinctoria leaves.

The hydro-alcoholic extract of Wrightia tinctoria leaves was evaluated for anti-psoriatic activity. The extract was also evaluated for its antioxidant potential by DPPH, nitric oxide, and hydrogen peroxide radical scavenging assays which showed prominent anti-oxidant activity. The research revealed that the extract produced significant (P < 0.01) degree of orthokeratosis. The study concluded that Wrightia tinctoria is blessed with anti-psoriatic activity and that it can be effectively used for psoriasis treatment.

How to use?

This oil is meant for external use only.
Apply the oil evenly over the affected area in the morning. Let the oil soak into the skin before taking a bath with a natural cleanser.
In chronic illness like psoriasis, the continuous use is advisable.
In remission phase of the disease, the use of this oil should be continued as a moisturizer throughout .

Side Effects

No side effects are found on the use of PSORAFRI OIL
However, very rarely some patients may experience skin irritation and flare-up initially.
A patch test can be done on a small area to check the compatibility of the oil before application over the complete area.


Vadiraj Bharadwaj, Sr. Manager, Projects, AyurCentral

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