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Restoil | The Most Effective Red Eye Treatment

 By Dr. M.R.Srikanth

Red eyes, Bloodshot eyes, Red veins in the eye, whatever you call it is a conditions that can occur due to two main causes. One could be an infection caused by a parasite, microbe, or chemicals. The second is, it could be caused due to heat. Here, we will be largely dealing with the second type.

How Restoil Saved a Red-Eyed Man’s Life?

At AyurCentral we witness multiple cases on a daily basis. This is the real story of Arjun (name changed for privacy reasons). Arjun was a freelance plumber in Bengaluru. He was a teetotaler who spent his entire income on his family. He was the sole breadwinner in his family consisting of 2 sisters and his old mother. He had single-handedly married off his elder sister and funded the education of his younger sister. He takes care of his mother’s medical expenses. Yet he had a problem. 

In family unions and functions, he was always ridiculed for being an alcoholic. No one apart from his sisters and mother believed he was a teetotaler. Arjun was already under immense stress due to his family condition and this taunting wasn’t helping him.  But why were people ridiculing such a nice person? Why did they think he was an alcoholic? It was because he had red eyes!

The Shift to Ayurveda

He had tried to address the issue multiple times with medical help. The eye drops suggested by his doctor weren’t helping him much either. He was recommended to take multiple imaging tests and stuff that was beyond his financial situation. It was at this point his sister suggested he try some Ayurvedic medicines. 

Being in Bengaluru, Arjun dropped into one of Bangalore’s leading Ayurvedic outlets: AyurCentral. The doctor listened to Arjun’s story. Upon thorough examination of his physical body, mental conditions, emotional state, and spiritual orientation, the doctor realized, that Arjun’s problem was his continuous state of stress which generated heat ( he was a pitta constitution person) and caused his eyes to redden. 

Restoil to the Rescue

The doctor recommended the use of  Restoil, an ayurvedic oil completely free from chemicals and artificial ingredients, prepared exclusively with ingredients mentioned in the ancient ayurvedic texts at state of art manufacturing facilities. Arjun was not initially convinced but the doctor assured him and with words of love and care assured him his relatives will no longer taunt him if he trusts and tries the recommended medicines.

The doctor recommended applying Restoil and having more cooling foods like cucumber, and tender coconut in his diet. The practice of pranayama and yoga was also recommended if time permits.

Arjun for once was convinced and left AyurCentral with his new friend,  Restoil. The doctor was convinced he need not meet Arjun again but to his surprise, Arjun walked into the clinic again in three months. This time sporting black coolers.

The pace at which he rushed into the clinic bewildered the doctor. Arjun sat in the chair reserved for consulting patients and removed his coolers. His eyes were as white as they can get.  The doctor and Arjun exchanged smiles. 

“Doctor, I have a new problem!” exclaimed Arjun, “ Now people keep asking how I stopped Alcohol”. There was laughter. Arjun couldn’t thank the doctor enough for helping him out.

Arjun said he had little time for yoga but did manage to improve his dietary habits one thing he did perfectly was use Brihatri Restoil as recommended by the doctor. It was all smiling at the AyurCentral clinic thanks to Brihatri Restoil.

What is Brihatri Restoil?

Restoil is made from powerful cooling herbs like Aloe vera and Amla juices, as well as well-known herbs like Hrivera, Musta, Kamala, Shatavari, Haritaki, Vibhitaki, Yastimadhu, Sariva, Kesara, Shati, Devadaru, Haridra, Darvi, Jatamamsi, Jaiphal, Ketaki, Champaka, and Kumkuma.

It contains no added chemicals or artificial ingredients. It is designed to relieve conditions like eye redness, burning eyes, eye fatigue, sleeplessness, heat build-up in the scalp, and headaches.

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