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Acne is the filthiest villain of the beauty world. These happiness suckers can flip a beautiful face into a nightmare in no time. They are not just ugly but also equally painful. The redness, inflammation, irritation, pain and the embarrassment of public breakout does give a tough time to our already strenuous life.

The best way to combat acne is the Ayurvedic way. Ayurveda uses the age old herbal mixes and matches to treat a plethora of maladies.

Advantages of Ayurvedic treatment

Ayurvedic treatments for acne are devoid of side effects and are extremely cost-effective.
The Ayurvedic doctors’ concentrates on treating the underlying causes thereby correcting the issue from its root and preventing recurrence of the same.
Most Ayurvedic medicines prescribed for skin care also focuses on boosting digestion, enriching gut bacteria, purifying blood and detoxifying the body which results in complete rejuvenation of the skin.

Why you should consult Ayurvedic [email protected] for acne treatment?

Ayurvedic doctors @AyurCentral prescribe all natural herbal medications for treating the issue from its roots. Ayurvedic [email protected] examine the body type and the cause and accordingly choose the best line of treatment. It’s a personalized treatment that offers sure cure that too without any side effect.

Though many of you tend to opt for self medication, however, consulting an Ayurvedic [email protected] is highly recommended as the doctor understands the in and out of the issue and would be able to prescribe the exact medications in proper dosage.

Why you should not take anti biotic for Acne?

Antibiotics don’t address the underlying cause
The results of antibiotics are not that satisfactory
Antibiotics destroy the good gut bacteria
It may make you more prone to acne.
They can cause serious side effects or even long-term harm

Here we have the list of some helpful tips to avoid popping up of these little devils and getting a clear skin

Get enough sleep.
Follow a well-balanced diet.
Drink sufficient water.
Keep your skin hygienic.
Practice yoga and meditation.
Use herbal medicines like triphala churna regularly.
Apply ayurvedic face packs made out of neem, turmeric, curd etc.
What to avoid to get rid of ACNE?

Avoid oily/junk food
Avoid stressed life
Avoid harsh chemicals
Avoid poking and pricking the skin.


“After 8 long years of struggling with zits, I visited an Ayurvedic [email protected] . The Ayurvedic medicines not only treated my acne but also removed the spots and blemishes”…AVANTIKA, software professional , Bengaluru

“Ayurveda treatment @AyurCentral was able to finally provide me a solution for my back acne. Its soothing and cooling effect helped me with the itch and irritation.”

—Ramadevi Alva, Teacher, Bengaluru

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