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Software Engineers are at greater risk!

Software Engineers are at greater risk!


A study on 91 Indian Software engineers confirmed that computer engineers have a hard time falling asleep, which leads to poor quality of life.

Insomnia causes severe harm to the body including fatigue, irritability, memory impairment, and loss of productivity. It directly affects our performance and results in added stress. I have suffered this cyclic wrath for months where my work was overcasting my personal life, happiness, and my well-being.

Just in 1 year, I lost 9 kilos due to the stress, anxiety, and overburden of work. My personal life circled around eating and sleeping as I neither had the energy nor time for anything else. Not even for sex! I lost complete interest. My body was too tired to respond and every time I lay there just like a corpse.

This further worsened my woes. Finally, I had to take a call. Initially, I was very reluctant about all the social taboos around sex but after much thought, I booked my appointment at AyurCentral. 

My husband supported me and I went for that visit. Today, looking back I can say, I am glad that I made that move. With proper counseling and regular intake of Ashwagandhadi lehya, I not only regained my lost weight but also the zeal to live a life beyond the office cubicles.

If you too are walking the thorns in silence just like I did, you should try AyurCentral. It is worth a try!!!

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