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By Sulochana Bhat

It was my first pregnancy. Nervous, anxious, and naive, I looked at my mother not knowing what to do. She took me in her arms and bought me to her house. Once more, the precious nine months she took care of me. 

She stood for hours to make my favorite dishes and took me out shopping on the weekends. 

Saffron and milk became a staple every night. Every night she came to see if I am sleeping alright. Spent sleepless nights during my delivery and worked through the day restlessly. She stood by me like a rock through all the blues and pinks.   

Now I have a daughter of my own but my mother can’t carry her for long. Donning many hats she juggles between her work and family and like any other mother she too forgets to take care of herself.

I know her legs ache even if she doesn’t complain; her body craves some pamper even when she does not show. Her knees were swollen and ankles bruised but she never showed us the pain and anguish. 

For the next nine months, I pledged to serve her and AyurCentral helped me in every step towards her health. Every night I browse the net to learn some massage techniques and give her that touch of love with Ayurvedic BRIHATRI Mahanarayana taila massage. 

Five months have passed and she feels alive now. Her pain has gone, her skin is glowing, her blood pressure is under control, and her migraine is no more. Today, my daughter sleeps in her arms just like I did 28 years back. 

Some bonds are just eternal. You understand even when they don’t say. You feel even when they hide their feelings. You act even when they don’t expect you to. Show your mother you love them for tomorrow they might not be there to see that.


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