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Take care of your hair

Take care of your hair

By Preeti Narang

When I was a teenager, I enjoyed expressing my mind zone through my hair. I would drastically change my look with a pop of new colour, cut, or style just to express whatever I was feeling at the moment. Added to that, was my irregular and unhealthy diet which often made me sick.

As they say, if you don’t turn to your body, it will turn away from you. In my early twenties, I freaked out to see my hair turning grey. As if every night the scary fairy comes down to replace my shiny black strands with dull greys.

I was scared and nervous about losing my youth even before starting it. I turned to my mother for help and after a session of good scolding, she took me to our family Ayurvedic practitioner. I was a bit reluctant to go for Ayurveda as I really doubted if it was of any good. But now I can’t dodge my mother’s suggestions.

So there I was sitting in the clinic answering all about my food and lifestyle, health, and state of mind. He counseled me to switch to a healthy alternative before it gets too late to repair.

He prescribed me Brihatri Yastimadhu Taila for Nasya karma at 6 p.m every evening and demonstrated its use. His warm words gave me a boost in confidence and I followed his other prescriptions and instructions dedicatedly.

After a month’s use, I started realizing the changes and was impressed with its efficacy. Gifting me my hair Ayurveda has definitely earned a staunch, stubborn follower who now shares her story to inspire girls like her.

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  1. It’s really happy to share that I got solution for hair fall @ Ayurcentral store staff has suggested Brihatri Anti hair fall shampoo it’s really effective.

    Thanks to Ayurcentral

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