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Taming the Pain | TESTIMONIAL

By Somashekhar Hiremath

In the midst of tranquillity, I felt a sudden shooting pain breaking my legs into thousand pieces. I could not stand, I could not sit, tears drooled down my cheek as the pain was getting unbearable.

My adventure buddies helped me to roll down the terrains of Bhutan. It was the last day of our trip and maybe, this time I went overboard with my trekking and climbing that took a toss on my legs.

An awesome trip with not so happy ending was now over and I am back to the chores of my mundane life. I expected the pain to heal with rest and pills but it was now coming in episodes. Some days I felt fine but on most other days I felt weak with a tingling sensation in my legs.

It’s been a month and the self-healing logic was definitely not working here. So, I visited an orthopedic doctor hoping for some relief. He ran a few tests and diagnosed me with sciatica. He said it’s a neuro-muscular pain that most of the time cures by self-healing and in some rare cases when the body fails to correct things, we do surgery.

The doctor prescribed a few medicines to relieve the pain but these temporary fixes were of little help. So, I googled my alternative options to find a permanent cure to the crusading pain.

Ayurveda seemed a promising system with records of success stories in managing and curing pain for good. I made it to the AyurCentral clinic and explained to him my condition.

The charming Ayurvedic doctor gave me the confidence of a cure and recommended kati basti

( a form of physical therapy )along with professional Ayurvedic massage with Brihatri Kottamchukkadi Thailam.

He said the oil is a mystical healer for sciatica, lumbar and cervical spondylosis. Considering the torment of my pain, I was ready to do whatever it takes, except for surgery. So, I started my therapy and massage and after a month or so I knew the magic is happening. 

Ayurveda surely worked for me as I did not have to do the surgery and my pain is gone in thin air!

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