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Teaching is more than preaching

Teaching is more than preaching

By Neha Pandit

Being a tutor for 17 years, I have seen my students turn sick and pale, miss important classes, and lag behind only for their dissuading health. When a kid is sick, there is nothing we can do to help them learn and score.

Every year, there is at least one kid who failed to appear for the exam because he was shivering under the blankets for the flu. The ones falling frequently sick often suffer bad grades in spite of the brilliance in their learning.

I poured my heart in front of my husband, and helpless I felt when the kids go through the ordeals of their bodies. He listened to me and simply suggested starting a monthly Ayurvedic health check-up for my students.

It instantly clicked a chord in my mind and sounded like a solution that I was searching for. So, I approached our family Ayurvedic doctor and he was happy to help.

After the first consultation, the doctor prescribed Brihatri Amritarista to many of my kids. Looking at the pattern of one-solution-for-all, I was getting a little uncomfortable. The doctor noticed my concern and explained that for most illnesses poor immunity is the culprit.

Brihatri Amritarista is a safe Ayurvedic concoction used for immunity boosting among kids and adults. After one month, the parents came to me with gratitude for all the care we have bestowed on their kids. For parents, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing their kids happy and healthy.

Now, I don’t give the chance my students miss my classes as an excuse for sickness

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