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The blood that does not count

By Vasanthi Gaonkar

5th-semester final exams whirled the whistles and everybody but me were buried in their books. I sat still on the corner of my balcony sad and baffled with teary cheeks and hopeless eyes.

When I look back, this semester of my engineering days had the most rollercoaster ride.  An ugly breakup, a long vacation, 10 percent attendance, and no idea what was in the syllabus. Probably I had not even touched some of my books, yet I stood there holding the full course to be done in just a week.

The depression of a broken relationship and the stress of exams kicked in and soon I started developing the symptoms of premenstrual tension for the first time. This further worsened my condition with poor concentration, irritability, mood swings, appetite changes, insomnia, and endless crying.

My exams were over, results were good and I moved on, passed that phase but what remained from that holocaust was my journey with extreme PMS. My PMS was not just mood swings or cravings or irrational behavior but it was the breast tenderness and extreme breast pain that killed me every month. I discussed it with friends and family but nobody paid any heed saying it was the hormones, it was normal to suffer, and that this bleeding does not count. 

I could not ride an auto or a bike, as every jerk on the potholes made me scream in pain. Sex was definitely out of the books for 7 days before the period, 4 days during it, and 7 days after the period. I hardly got 1 week in a month that came without pain but the continued stress took away the zest of any pleasure. I lived in constant fear of some deadly disease thriving in my body and making me die minute by minute.

The cycle of stress, depression, pain, and periods went on pushing each other and making it harder for me to endure anymore. Finally, I decided to discuss it with my Ayurvedic doctor at AyurCentral. He prescribed me MENTACE tablet twice daily and restoil to the scalp along with some other medications for my period problems. He gave me a diet plan and lifestyle advice.

And after years I got my periods with no pre and post-syndromes, insomnia, headache, mood swings, stress, and pain. The bleeding may not count but the pain that comes with it certainly does.

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