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The deceiving face | TESTIMONIAL

By Aparna Nandan

Charting the milestones of my career, I forgot to adore my reflection in the mirror. Joined as a trainee, then software developer, senior developer, lead, and now manager, these 8 years ran fast as an untiring race for the throne eyed by many, owned by one!

Most of my friends drifted to raising a family but I stood there fighting all odds and climbing the corporate ladder. As I approached my 30s, my mother started humming the marriage song and that’s the time I looked in the mirror.

My mother has already circulated my photo in her circle but the dullness, fine lines, superficial wrinkles, and age spots made me look much older for my age. The mirror snatched my confidence in a second and the uber-confident woman turned into a sly girl suffering from an inferiority complex.

Soon, I started running to the parlour every fortnight, pouring thousands of bucks every month for no effective results. My aunt suggested my mother try Ayurveda for my skin rejuvenation. So, in my desperation, I reached my nearest AyurCentral clinic the very next day.

The doctor asked me about my health issues, and lifestyle and prescribed Brihatri Amalaki Churna along with advocating for a good diet plan, exercise poses, and routine life. He even jotted down the food I must eat and the exercises that I must do.

120 days in and I am impressed! My skin looks young and radiant and the diet and exercises helped me lose the tyre around my waist. My face is still deceiving,  just this time it tells a different age!

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