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The traditional wisdom of Indian Ayurveda has been unleashed yet again, now in the form of Golden Milk. Lo and Behold! It’s nothing but our humble ‘Haldi Doodh’. It has been used for centuries to cure sore throat and bad cough. It is also recommended for building antigen resistance in the body which in turn helps in immunity to resist various ailments. Turmeric, an active ingredient of Golden Milk has immensely significant medicinal values that go beyond curing cough and cold. It alleviates headaches, protects from hepatitis, purifies blood, improves sleeping patterns and eases menstrual cramps. These are time tested findings that are well known among the Ayurvedic practitioners in India and across the world. The present day popularity for ‘Golden Milk’ in the western markets from Sydney to San Francisco is attributed to smart promotions and people do understand the ultimate benefits of replacing the routine Latte options with ‘Turmeric-Latte’. It’s a good trend to notice, however it is also important to restore the authenticity of recipes so that the core medicinal values are not diluted.

Benefits of Turmeric Milk –

Turmeric and Milk are the active ingredients that are known for anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Such properties would enable the healing or restorative process because of which turmeric is used as a medicine to treat cuts and wounds.
Turmeric Milk helps fighting free radicals that damage skin and affects its elasticity.
Turmeric Milk is very effective in treating cold, cough, diarrhea and indigestion. It has the proven capability of reducing Alzheimer’s progress and fight cancer.
Regular consumption of Golden Milk helps in blood purification and it works as a liver detox solution.

How to prepare Turmeric Milk –

Basic Recipe:
Heat up a ½ to 1 inch piece of turmeric along with 8 ounces of milk for about 15 minutes. Stain out the turmeric, let the milk cool down and consume it. This can soothe diarrhea and inflammation. Regular consumption will strengthen bones and fight free radicals.
Add ¼ cup of whole milk to ½ teaspoon of ground turmeric, soak a clean washcloth in the mixture and apply over the affected skin. It can be washed off after ten minutes.
Mix ½ teaspoon turmeric with 1 teaspoon of minced ginger, add this to a ¼ cup of water and mix it well. Boil this mixture for few minutes until the milk is thoroughly boiled. To this honey, jaggery or cane sugar can be added to improve taste. Peppercorns and cardamom can also be used as variants. Stain the mixture and drink it warm. This helps in curing cough and sour throat.

Turmeric Golden Milk –

Take a teaspoon of turmeric paste and add it to a cup of milk. Boil this mixture well and add honey or maple syrup for taste enhancement. To this, half a teaspoon of sesame or almond oil can be added. Healthy and tasty Turmeric Golden Milk is ready to consume.
It is refreshing to have one cup of Golden Milk every day, coffee and other beverages can be replaced with it.

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