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The Story of my Lustrous Locks

The Story of my Lustrous Locks


I was losing my confidence.  Hair fall had become a nightmare for me as I was left with very few hairs on my head.  Stress levels had increased due to taxing official work and difficulty to maintain a work-life balance.  It was taking a toll on my hair and overall health.

 Hair fall had become a constant source of embarrassment for me.  I was reluctant to attend parties and other social gatherings.  I could see bunches of my hair falling off my head every now and then. I was even scared to comb my hair. My long, thick, and shiny hair had now become dull, lifeless, and thin.  I had to cut short my hair but all in vain. 

After trying a number of shampoos, conditioners, oils, beauty parlour treatments, and medicated products, I lost all hope as nothing was working on me.  Fortunately, one of my school friends met me after a very long time. 

The moment she came to know about my hair problem, she suggested AyurCentral.  The very next day I visited AyurCentral.  I was immensely impressed by the patience and eye for detail that the Ayurvedic doctor had for my problem. 

I was prescribed an Ayurvedic oil and shampoo.  The ayurvedic doctor suggested some home remedies and handy tips for hair care.  I followed the doctor’s advice religiously and the prescribed products worked like a miracle for me.  

The Ayurvedic products at AyurCentral work wonderfully on me. 

Thank you so much AyurCentral for giving back my lustrous locks and my self-confidence. 

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