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The ugly side of changing times

The ugly side of changing times

By Dr. Brahmanand Nayak

In today’s fast-paced world, adaption and evolution are the keys to the doors of survival. Things that cease to learn, grow and change over the course of time stand aloof and abundant as the obsolete model.

Similar was the case of Kirti and Aryan, the architect couple ditched by technology. They have been married for ten good years and are blessed with two sweet munchkins adding glitter to their smiles.

Aryan was working in a big company drawing a big fat cheque and Kirti took the time off raising her kids and managing the house. Life was pretty sorted, five days the family dedicatedly spent learning and working and the weekend was all about fun and travel.

But their paradise came crashing down when the onslaught of the internet boom hit them hard. His company started outsourcing the design work overseas and his manager politely requested him to work on a freelance basis which meant a subsidized salary. Aryan soon realized his sinking importance in the company where he once shone like a star; it was a bitter pill of reality that he could not swallow.

Aryan was still that old-school architect drawing magic with the humble pencil. He failed to foresee the dirty games time brought. Only after leaving his job, or maybe after attending the next 30 interviews, he realized that the pit was dug deep.

He was not updated and he was not ready to compromise on this salary. This dark hunt went on for months which eventually turned into years. He toiled and moiled to get his hands on a job with a salary that respected his experience and expertise, but all in vain.

With the savings sloping down, their happy ship was a wreck. Kirti who has been a housemaker for so long has taken upon a job to foot the bills only to realize she was a misfit, an outdated version that people don’t look up to. She felt alien to the changing dynamics of her profession, yet she had to keep pushing to keep her house running.

Kirti was depressed over her missed opportunities and the circumstances she was striding in and Aryan had almost given up all his hopes. With both the parents trembling to hold themselves, the house was just about to fall apart.

The couple came to me for consultation. Depression was evident and so was their stress. I treated them for 3 months and advised them to address the issues rather than escape. Finding out the solution was the only way out.

After much thought and discussion, Aryan rejoined one construction company and started taking classes for upgrading his skills and Kirti joined as a teacher in an engineering college. Peace was restored and happiness followed!

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