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Life is all about choices, rather tough choices. Whether to go without waxing and look like a Godzilla covered in hair or go through the pain of waxing to embrace the beauty of smooth flirty skin. The hot wax poured over the sensitive skin to pull off the hair from the roots really hurts; it hurts more than a heartbreak!

Here are some of the smart ways to tackle and deflate the pain to at least some extent

Never ever get your parlour dates when period is approaching

Period is already a painful phase and it’s not wise to add to the agony. Always fix your appointment once you are done with the not so pleasant time of the month. Periods triggers a lot of hormones and makes the body extra sensitive to pain.

Wear loose comfortable clothes

Don’t be too harsh on your delicate body all at once. Wear some loose comfy clothes while going for your salon date. It allows your skin to breathe and reduces the irritation.

Exfoliate The Skin

Exfoliating gets rid of a layer of dead skin that tends to hide hair, it softens the body hair and opens up hair follicles making waxing easier and less painful.

Check your hair growth

Let your hair grow a bit but don’t wait too long to save some extra bucks. While rushing to the salon early can be disappointing as the inner growths won’t be coming out, delaying the appointment would just make it more painful.

Go for a Warm Bath before Waxing

Warm water bath opens up the pores, making it easier for hair to come to the surface, it loosens the roots and helps in pulling out the hair easily.

Divert your mind

Don’t focus too much on the pain, it would just worsen the experience. Take out the magazine, listen to some music or just browse through your phone and you won’t even know when it’s done!

Breathe calmly

Taking short and quick breaths helps you manage pain. It is a very natural process that calms the mind and gives you strength to endure the pain

Check for bruises on the skin

Avoid wax on bruised skin, makes it more painful and may cause irritation.

Let the wax cool

Don’t apply a layer of hot lava on the skin. It just makes things worse. Keep a tab on the temperature of the wax and mention it whenever you feel it’s hotter than bearable.

Direction matters

Check for the direction of hair growth and apply wax in the same direction but pull the wax in the opposite direction.

Do not apply moisturizer

Do not apply any moisturizer or cream on the skin before waxing as it makes it difficult to pull off the hair.

Check the temperature

Switch on the AC if it’s too hot as sweating makes it difficult to pull out the sturdy hair from the skin.

Use a toner after waxing

Apply a good astringent on the skin once you are done with waxing. It will soothe the pain and close open pores thus protecting the skin from harmful bacteria.

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