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One day, a person stepped in to the clinic with a grim face. When enquired, he started narrating his problems.

: Doctor, I am 54 years old running my own business of precious stones.
Doctor: Ok, what made you to come over here? What can I do for you?
Patient: I have tremors persistent since last 4-5 years. Both my hands shiver and sometimes even head!
Doctor: any specific time for this problem? Will it increase in evenings or morning etc?
Patient: No doctor, I have this the whole day and I consulted more than 20 doctors with no solution. I was diagnosed as Parkinson’s disease and even I underwent MRI scan, neurosonogram, ECG etc, everything seems to be normal. Now the doctors are telling it is psychological.
Doctor: Any other symptoms associated?
Patient: No doctor.
Doctor: Please tell me about your daily routine including food you take with timings.
Patient: Sir, I get up at around 6 am, go for a walk, come back home, take bath, have breakfast and move to my shop. I carry my lunch from home and I have it at around 1 pm. I take tea twice daily and by 9 pm. I close my shop and return to my home and take dinner at around 10 pm and go to bed at around 11 pm.
Nothing seemed to be abnormal to the doctor.
Doctor: Do you get hunger sufficiently?
Patient: I have almost forgot what hunger means! I never felt hungry since last 20 years approximate.
Doctor felt it is unusual.
Doctor: How much water you consume daily?
Patient: I take it sufficiently doctor, no problem with it. I take around 5-6 liters per day.
Doctor: Why? Anybody suggested you to drink that much of water? how many days since have you been consuming that much?
Patient: Why doctor? It is good to drink more water is it? It helps in digestion, flushing out the toxins out of our body, keeps the kidneys clean. I have read it in magazines, articles and saw many people suggesting it!
Doctor: No, though water is good to the body, anything in excess causes more harm than benefits. Excess water consumption is not advocated in Ayurveda.
Patient: Then how many liters of water should I consume per day?
Doctor: It is not about how many liters, it is need based. Drink water as much you require when you feel thirsty. And the limitation for water is also understood by the sense of satisfaction. Usually, people drink water erratically without a control on it. Excess water may spoil the digestive fire and may impair the digestive process itself leading to improper digestion of food leading to malabsorption of nutrients. This may lead to a generalized weakness, may result in tremors. This condition is often misunderstood as Parkinson’s disease as the symptoms mimics.  The above said patient’s excess water consumption was discouraged and some medicines were advised to support the digestive system, patient returned after a month.
Patient: doctor! I am almost feeling well, no tremors, feeling hungry also. Excess water may not help in all situations. We should listen to the body for its requirement, its limitations. Our body indicates what it wants. If it requires water, it asks through thirst, if it needs rest, it demands through feeling of sleep, wants to expel something unwanted, it indicates through sensation of natural urges. We should respond to the body accordingly. We should not over respond to its indications. If we consume excess water than our body asks for, it does harm.
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