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As the summer sun shines bright in sky it brings along the tyranny of heat, sweat and infections. The hot humid culture is the perfect ecosystem for microbes to dwell and thrive in bodies that are weak, grimy or sick. One of the most common issues is Urinary tract infection that’s affecting millions of people each year.

What’s a UTI?

An encounter with UTI is definitely not a coveted experience that one would like to muse over. A UTI happens when microbes like bacteria, fungi or virus sneak into the bladder through urethra, causing the lining of urinary tract to swell up.

One amongst us – A case study

In a particular case study , a 28-year-old lady complained about her constant urge of peeing, the bad odour of the pee, pain and the severe burning sensation while discharging urine. Rushing to the bathroom every 30 minutes took a toll on her work life. Whether it’s the use of public toilets or her sex life the exact reason was not clear but the symptoms were clear of an UTI .

What went wrong?

Most UTIs typically occur when bacteria from the rectal area enter through the urethra and travel up the urinary tract to the bladder or kidneys.

Some other common risk factors of UTI are:

Bacteria like E.coli, Chlamydia and Mycoplasma.
Pregnancy, Sexually transmitted diseases, Menopause.
Using public toilets.
Poor hygiene.
Weak immune.
Holding urine for longer duration.
Less fluid intake.
Bad food habits
How to protect yourself ?

Precaution is better than cure! Being a little cautious help in keeping diseases at bay. Some preventive measures for UTI are:

Being hygienic
Front to back wipes
Drinking plenty of water
Urinate and wash after sex
Wear cotton intimates

See a doctor for recurrent UTIs.

Ayurveda for UTI

Fortunately, this horrible condition is completely curable with right medicines and care. Although modern antibiotics can be employed to treat UTIs, they can be more effectively dealt using herbal formulations with no side effects. Also, using chemical drugs to kill microbes hampers the good bacteria in the body.

The ayurvedic doctor detects the underlying cause, focuses on balancing the infection-fighting properties of the urinary system and pacifies toxins, thereby ensuring long-term relief. The doctor inspects the complete health of the patients by asking questions about all aspects of their life. The treatment implements diet and lifestyle improvements and employs herbal or hero mineral medicines to cure the condition permanently.

‘Neglecting the symptoms’, not a good idea!

The sooner you detect UTI, the easier it is to treat. Suspecting any of the mentioned symptoms of UTI, it is advised to start hydrating and find out the best Ayurvedic doctor in your neighbourhood. AyurCentral clinics are located in 57 areas in bengaluru to treat your problems. Even though the symptoms might be just manageable and may feel like a passing issue, it might worsen with time and result in a serious case of kidney infection.

Once the infection makes its way to your kidneys, there is a danger of damaging the organ for the long haul. An infection in the kidney which is an important filtration site can lead to blood poisoning (septicaemia), which is life threatening!

So, don’t just dream sitting there ,pay attention to what your body is up to and address the issues with utmost urgency. Visit an Ayurvedic doctor@AyurCentral for a sure cure.

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Dr. Shreya Shetty, Consulting Physician, AyurCentral, Yelahanka Newtown

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