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Love, faith, sex, and hope are the four wheels that drive us in our pursuit of happiness. Though it’s a stigma not much talked about but a healthy sex life is as important as any other aspect of life. It is very basic to our existence and has functions more important than just delivering moments of pleasure.
Healthy and robust sex life is a major contributor to staying young, feeling healthy and confident.
Physical intimacy is very important for binding the two pillars on which the foundation of a whole family is laid. Recent statistics of divorce, infidelity and dissatisfaction in relation are enough proof to the claim that the charm of sex is missing in today’s relations.
We did a bit of research to bring back the lost charisma in your relationship. Traversing through time we unveiled the secret our ancestors used to enjoy a fulfilling sexual life. Here is a list of some potent vegetable juices that would surely give a punch of stamina to improve your performance on bed.

Beetroot Juice
Beet juice has been used for centuries to stimulate sexual drive. The sexy red beetroot juice is a power-pack of nitrates along with many other essential nutrients. It is a gifted aphrodisiac that works amazingly well in increasing sexual stamina. It boosts energy production and oxygen circulation in the body which helps in erections and orgasms.
Beets are enthralled with loads of boron, a mineral that stimulates the production of sexual hormones. It helps in secretion of estrogen in women and increases the level of testosterone, the male sex hormone. It is also believed to kick-start libido in men as well as women, regardless of their age.

Carrot Juice
Fresh carrot juice is ladened with Vitamin A. Apart from being a panacea for the eyes it also increases sexual desires and sensation in a woman’s body. Regular consumption of carrot juice helps in improving sagging libido in both men and women. Carrot juice is a natural remedy for a number of sexual dysfunctions.

Celery Juice
The fresh green leafy juice is known to enhance a woman’s libido. The credit goes to its high content of the hormone aldosterone which helps to maintain a healthy balance of water and sodium in the body. Hailed as a potent aphrodisiac, celery juice boosts blood circulation in the genital area thereby improving erections and endurance.

Green Juices
Green Veggies are just the best source of many nutrients that rejuvenates each cell of the body. It is known to enhance female sex drive, thanks to the rich source of zinc.

Kale Juice
Kale juice may not be the favourite pick unless you know how wondrous an aphrodisiac it is! Brimmed with the goodness of zinc, Kale juice can add different shades to your bedroom action. Kale is often regarded as the ultimate sex booster with libido-boosting powers.

The luscious green leaves are sure to fuel up your sex life. Blessed with high arginine content, spinach is known for its magic on the penis. It helps in maintaining erections, endurance and stamina during sex.

So, grab your glass of favourite juice and woo your partner with your new magical powers!

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