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What’s in your cup of tea?

What’s in your cup of tea?

By Dr. Megha Kamath

 Herbal tea has been used for hundreds of years for its boundless health benefits and great taste. Dipping the tea bag in a cup of hot water; is it easy to get the taste and good health. Probably not!!!

Yes, you are brewing it the wrong way all this while.

The real essence of tea making is a craft as described by George Orwell in his essay ‘A Nice Cup of Tea. 

A nice cup of tea invariably means Indian tea, like that of AyurCentral’s wide collection of herbal teas. They have an alluring collection to soothe your taste.

Make your tea in small quantities and make it really strong.

Use an earthenware teapot and heat it before putting the water in.

Ditch the strainers and let the tiny leaves glide into your cup.

Stir it in the cup and leave it for some time allowing the leaves to settle.

Check your cup, it should be the cylindrical type of cup, not the flat, shallow type.

Don’t spoil that authentic raw taste of tea leaves with sugar.

Try the authentic herbal brew with AyurCentral’s awesome healthicious collection. And drink your tea like a royal bangalorean. 

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