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Why is ‘AyurCentral’ the best Ayurvedic store for Keralites in Karnataka?

By Rekha Satish

Kerala has a rich history of Ayurveda. One of the most authentic and continuous traditions of Ayurvedic practices is from Kerala. That might be the reason why Ayurvedic treatment is one of the most preferred streams for many Keralites.

In many ways, Keralites have played a crucial part in expanding Ayurveda’s footprint. Many leading ayurvedic brands like Kotakkal Arya Vaidya shala have expanded across the globe along with the Malayali diaspora. This is because Ayurvedic products like Rasnadi Churna and Mahanarayana Taila are household names in Kerala. Though there haven’t been any studies to determine the exact number, If you have a Malayali friend, the odds are that she/he uses some kind of ayurvedic products in their daily life. It could be a medicated hair oil or cough syrup or an immunity booster or whatever.

This is why it is common for many Keralites who relocate to places outside the state for work or any other purposes to search for ‘Ayurvedic stores near me.

In Bengaluru, Mysuru, Neelamangala, Tumkuru, and Doddaballapur, AyurCentral stores are the best one-stop solutions to their needs.

The Best Ayurveda Store

Most Ayurveda stores are brand-exclusive outlets. They more often than not have products only from one manufacturer or at least promote only one manufacturer keeping others passive. It is really difficult to get product A from a product B outlet and vice versa. This is where AyurCentral acts like a Times prime of Ayurvedic subscriptions. AyurCentral stores have products from more than 350 brands.

This follows a philosophy of getting the brand of the customer’s choice to them in their nearest retail outlets. Kotakkal, Dabur, Zandu, Baidyanath, Vaidyaratnam, Nagarjuna, Kerala Ayurveda Pharmacy, AVP, Himalaya wellness, or whatever your preferred Ayurvedic brand, AyurCentral shall have you covered in their retail outlets. You can also shop for products from AyurCentral’s online store www.ayurcentralonline.com.

Regular users of Ayurveda, like many Keralites, are picky about their products and brands. They visit multiple stores to collect their desired Ayurvedic products. This is where AyurCentral comes as a one-stop solution, to meet their various needs.

Why do Keralites Choose AyurCentral?

Only Malayalis will understand why they choose Nagarjuna pharmaceuticals for one product and Kottakal Ayurveda for another, then for a third product, they might opt for Vaidyaratnam. This in normal circumstances means, visiting three stores but at AyurCentral, you get them all under one roof!

This availability of multiple options and all their preferred household brands under one single roof has made AyurCentral, the go-to store for Keralites in the vicinity of our stores.

AyurCentral stores have informed and experienced storekeepers and doctors who help customers choose the right medicine for their ailments and get proper guidance to choose the right health supplements or medicines from AyurCentral.

Why do Malayalis Choose Ayurveda?

Kerala’s geography and cultural position make the state naturally prone to diseases. A huge proportion of the population being expatriates is not a Neo-phenomenon in Kerala. By virtue of its geographical location on the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea and is the hub of the ancient spice trade, Kerala was always connected to the rest of the world. Islam arrived in Kerala before, it arrive in Sindh. Christianity arrived in Kerala via Apostle St.Thomas during the era of Christ. Similarly, most products endemic to the Mediterranean like European Salmon, Lettuce, and Strawberries arrived in Kerala before they reached the rest of India.

Such vibrant connectivity also meant this region was also the gateway for diseases to enter the country. The middle age plague entered India via Kerala. The region’s topography also was conducive to the development of new diseases. The state also has a unique climate conducive to spreading communicable diseases. Even today first of India’s Nipha, Covid-19, and Monkey-pox virus cases were identified in Kerala.

So in such territory, the ancestors of the land naturally inculcated health supplements and developed powerful ayurvedic products to keep the population safe from these diseases. Thus the population of Kerala even historically made many Ayurvedic super health products as a part of their routine seasonal lifestyle.

This is why Keralites tend to use Ayurvedic products in abundance. And for Keralites in Bangalore, Mysore, and its select neighborhoods, AyurCentral offers the best options for purchasing Ayurvedic medicines, herbal cosmetics, and health supplements.

If you have relocated to Banglore and are sick due to climate or water, act like how one of your ancestors would have, just google ‘Ayurveda store near me and walk into your nearest AyurCentral store, and with the help of our experts choose Ayurvedic medicines and health supplements with minimal or no chemicals or preservatives and almost no side effects for a healthy living in your adapted home!

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