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Winter is coming!

Winter is coming!

By Vadiraj Bharadwaj

The epic line from Game of Thrones is soon to be true for the Indians. Taking out the blankets and shawls, jackets and hoodies I was prepping up to endure the coldness of the cold.

Geysers are installed and tiny drawers are decked with winter socks. As I sat feeling ready for winter, my little sister enquired if I have something for her dry skin that turns flaky on the winter days.

It seems the problem of dry skin runs in our blood. A few years back even I had a very hard time caressing my skin during the winters. In fact, I used to hate winters for my skin turned dull and dry.

But it was during my college days when I had finally nailed the perfect formulae for my skincare. Contrary to my expectations it turned out to be quite simple. Clean up the face, hands, and footwell in lukewarm water. You can also use a scrub on alternate days to take the dead cells out.

Then apply Brihatri moisturizing lotion on the body for moisturization and Vaseline on the lips and foot to avoid cracks. Brihatri moisturizing lotion consists of Aloe vera and camellia Sinensis extracts that offer the perfect balance of smoothness without making it oily. 

I bought it from one of the AyurCentral Stores, you can get yours from your nearest AyurCentral store. It’s the best chain retailer store for Ayurvedic products in terms of effectiveness, accessibility, and affordability.

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