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Your body is not a trash can, so stop treating it like one!

Your body is not a trash can, so stop treating it like one!

By Dr. Mugdha Kulkarni

Did you know apart from causing fatigue, obesity, depression, indigestion, and diabetes, it can also mutate your genes?

That’s scary because a mutation in your gene is the actual cause of cancer!

Yes, junk foods increase your risk of developing cancer.

The fast food joints use lots of preservatives and additives so, don’t fall for their all-healthy ads.

The sodas contain a high amount of acids and that’s definitely not good for your insides.

French fries can literally increase the risk of asthma and skin allergies.

Coke is also used as a potent cleaner.

So, next time you take the money out of your pocket just think about what are you paying for. Don’t fall for the tongue’s tantalizing taste as that’s the additives casting the spell and harming your body.

 Eat healthy, live healthy.

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